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Encouraging change through natural medicine as a network of support

In Ohio, cannabis is considered to be an aid in managing a list of qualifying conditions. The cannabis community has been, and always should be, rooted in compassion and unity. Good Natured Cola is Wellspring Fields' way of connecting family, community, and wellness. We want to encourage our network of patients and fellow members of the medical cannabis industry to give back to local causes and open a platform of inclusive support and communication. A portion of sales from each can of Good Natured Cola will always go to a good cause with good-natured intentions. No matter the time of year, the flavor you buy, or which dispensary you use, each can will help a cause that in some way benefits family, nature, or wellness.

How it works
- Wellspring Fields will create a partnership with an organization that fits the criteria of helping family, nature or wellness.
- The partnership will last for a minimum of one year.
- Once the donation is gifted, a new partnership will be established.

Once an organization is selected, we will offer patients, and our staff, multiple ways to share how the topic has impacted their lives. This is what makes Good Natured Cola larger than a product or brand. It's a vector to unite causes that deserve support and patients' personal experiences into a network of compassion and understanding through sharing. This is our way of learning more about our patients while also helping lend a hand in return.

Be sure to check out the comment sections of our Good Natured Cola posts for your chance to have your story heard. Follow along as our story unfolds. We look forward to having a heart-to-heart with you all.

Cheers to you, Ohio.
-Wellspring Fields

meet our 2023
good natured partner:

The Battle Buddy Foundation

Battle Buddy Foundation Logo Which also acts as a ling to

There is abundant proof that interacting and bonding with a furry friend has an incredibly positive influence on a person’s wellness. Beyond that, service animals can help with physical or mental obstacles individuals face. Many of these obstacles are challenges that come from the qualifying conditions approved for medical cannabis in Ohio. For this reason, we have decided to partner with The Battle Buddy Foundation to help our Ohio veterans pair with a service dog that meets their needs.

The Battle Buddy Foundation is a nonprofit organization that trains service dogs to help combat veterans transition back to civilian life while living with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other combat related disabilities at no cost to the veteran.

To learn more about the foundation’s Executive Director and Co-Founder Kenny Bass, a disabled Marine combat veteran, and his service companion Atlas click here.

Learn more about the foundation and additional ways you can support their incredible movement at



Carbonated, infused cola
Units: 12oz Cans Singles and Multi-packs


Carbonated, infused cola with zero calories and no sugar
Units: 12oz Cans Singles and Multi-packs


High potency carbonated, infused cola
Units: 12oz Cans Only Available in Multi-packs


Carbonated, infused cherry cola
Units: 12oz Cans Singles and Multi-packs


Carbonated, infused cherry cola with zero calories and no sugar
Units: 12oz Cans Singles and Multi-packs


High potency carbonated, infused cherry cola
Units: 12oz Cans Only Available in Multi-packs

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