We believe in the healing power of family and all-natural medicine. These core values have led our family to pursue a calling to provide patients in Ohio with safe, therapeutic medical marijuana for a variety of ailments and diagnoses. After witnessing several of our loved ones experience horrifying side effects from prescription pharmaceuticals, only to find lasting relief in medical cannabis, we made it our mission to grow high-quality cannabis to help other families in need. We wanted to offer an all-natural, homegrown alternative to Big Pharma. Growing locally as a family business promises our friends and customers a clean product, free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Wellspring Fields values the medicinal properties that cannabis holds, and we believe how it's grown is just as important.


Wellspring Fields believes in the care and compassion that a local, family-owned cultivation operation like ours can bring to our state and local communities. We are proud to be the small business alternative to corporate marijuana, ensuring each plant is cared for with your family in mind. Experience the difference with homegrown cannabis, fresh from the wellspring.


Located just outside of Cleveland in Northeastern Ohio, our 10,000 sq. ft. cannabis cultivation facility features state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of carefully selected cannabis strains nurtured with all-natural nutrients and fertilizers.

We bathe our plants in full-spectrum OpticPAR LED grow lights from SpecGrade LED, which provide optimal photosynthetic nutrition to our plants throughout their life cycle. As a licensed Ohio cultivation facility, we, of course, adhere to the Ohio code with strict facility security and restricted access to grow rooms, ensuring safety for our team and our plants.

We would never give your family anything we wouldn't give our own. Enjoy natural medical marijuana the way nature intended.

From Our Family To Yours, Wellspring Fields

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